Teaching/Swing Philosophy

We are passionate teaching professionals with the goal of enhancing every student’s ability to play the game and building a swing around each student’s physical capability and natural swing. Our goal is to help each player develop a swing that is efficient and easy on the body. We believe it’s essential to identify where the most benefit can be found, whether it be putting, short game, full-swing or course management. It’s vital to each player to learn on-course corrections by being more consistent with fundamentals such as the grip, alignment, pre-shot routine, and setup. There are key shaft and club-head positions in the setup, takeaway and downswing that need to be attained in order to improve consistency. Our teaching philosophy also caters to the student’s learning style. Through the use of video, drills, and teaching aids our students will learn how to improve their game. For exceptional junior golfers who desire to play collegiately, we have a program designed not only to improve their playing ability but also to help each student navigate the recruiting process. These services include; performance video and analysis, resume building, NCAA rules interpretation, and will serve as a communication conduit between perspective students and coaches. All lessons include V1 Video analysis!

PGA-Inspired Junior Programs

Our junior programs feature the teaching philosophies advocated by the PGA and its time-tested approach for juniors. In addition to solid swing fundamentals, we stress the critical subjects of proper etiquette, on-course behavior, sportsmanship, and pure enjoyment of a game that will bring a lifetime of fun and fulfillment. Visit the PGA America Junior website.

The Academy at La Purisima

Larry Correa
PGA Apprentice Head Professional

Sara Ovadia
PGA Apprentice Professional

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